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Treatments can be used in combination to create a customized session. You can choose from a menu of options below: 

Has been known to ease muscle tension, increase circulation, decrease stress, improve flexibility and relaxation. It is a superficial, light technique that is perfect for someone who has a low pain tolerance. 

Deep Tissue
This technique is great for the active type who have muscles that are constantly contracting and find pain in certain regions where regular activation is at. Deep tissue is able to release the tension that has developed by lactic acid build up creating more flexibility and better performance.

Trigger Point Release
Is good for myofascial pain with muscles being achy and sore in certain areas throughout the body. Focus points are held until pain subsides giving an effective relief, reducing inflammation caused by lactic acid build up from minor repetitive use. This in turn creates more energy within the muscle to function better for relief. 

Hot Stones
A traditional method used 2000 years ago especially in Native American culture, but also in places like South America, Africa, and South East Asia. Used to open up muscle fibers to penetrate deeper muscles without having to use deep tissue for someone with low pain tolerance. Perfect for people who love heat. This method is not considerably hot when placed on body, but more of a warming sensation when done properly and professionally. This is done mostly in the winter seasons when muscles tend to frequently spasm. 


Cold Stones

Is used to cool down the body. It helps to decrease pain and swelling within the muscles. Cold stones are also known to help with high blood pressure and with hot flashes during menopause. This treatment is mostly used during hot summer months when temperatures out side have risen.


Is an ancient form of alternative medicine dating back to 4000 BC in China and also in Egypt, where depictions are seen in the tomb of Ankmahor. Reflexology is applied to the hands, ears, and feet using pressure points to determine what organs are blocked by nervous system interference from either muscle, connective tissue, or by any other pathology. Neither oil nor lotion is used during the treatment and pressure is applied until nerve restores function, blood flow increases and nutrients are brought back into the system. 

Lymphatic drainage

A technique introduced in Germany back in 1896 to encourage drainage of the lymph system that is important in healthy immune system function. It carries waste products away and back into the blood stream for detoxification processes to start.  

Cranial Sacral

"Cindy is very caring; and has an amazing ability to find the places on my body that need the most care at that time."

                              -Ursula H.

"Cindy has been able to reduce the severe headaches that have been due to tenseness that I accumulate in my back and neck. Her expertise and experience shows in the quality of healing that she delivers."

                                    -Daniel F. 

"After having extreme lower back pain and a burning sensation, I knew my spine was out of alignment. A massage and adjustment from Cindy provided instant relief. "

                                    -Julie L.

Developed by an American osteopathic physician around 100 years ago. A technique that applies superficial, light force to the myofacial connective tissue, sutures, membranes, and other soft tissue structures. It pushes along cerebral spinal fluid that carries vital nutrients for the the spinal cord and brain. 

Chakra Balancing

There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakras. Starting at the crown of the head, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral plexus and root plexus. Each chakra is located throughout our body so that it correlates to a physical dysfunction. Each energy center also houses our mental and emotional state from past experiences that we have endured. The body will indicate whether the energy has slowed due to and increase or decrease of a nutrient that is needed less of or more of, emotional states or of a physical tension that has decreased the speed of the spinning force. This awareness can clear out any blocked energy and balance our physical and emotional state of mind.

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