Why do these treatments cost a little more than the average?

These treatments are a little higher due to the experience and expertise. This is considered a medical massage due to the therapist having a doctorate degree and almost 20 years of experience. If somone has had constant pain, for example, we can get down to the root cause and help in eliminating pain for good without the use of prescription drugs and surgery.

Do you do events such as weddings, gatherings, and birthdays?

Yes, we have done weddings, events, but not birthdays (or at least not yet). We usually bring two therapist to help out and be able to work on two people at a time. If the weather is allowed, we have an outside canopy setup to utilized space more. Please inquire within and the amount is the same as the packages with a $35 service fee to come to your location.

Do you have gift certificates available?

Yes! We do have gift certificates available that you can order over the phone or online. The gift certificate will be tailored to the recievers need. It can be picked up by the giver at our location or it can be sent as a card of the gift certificated to the recievers address or to the givers address to personally give.

What do the packages entail?

You basically get a free session for 5 sessions up front that have been purchased. That is up to $100-200 off depending on the package that you purchase. This is great for a person who has a condition that needs attention to on a regular basis until symptoms are relieved.